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Important Questions to Ask Prior to Accepting a Position

Your resume is out on the open market and you're waiting to hear back from potential employers. This is your time to prep for incoming calls by preparing a list of questions to ask while interviewing. The employers reaching out are obviously in need of staff and are likely chomping at the bit to hire you, unless you're an incoherent dolt with little to no communication skills. Whether it be over the phone or via skype, it's important to remain confident and excited about the prospect of working in whatever said unit you've applied to. After riffing with the manager or hiring specialist, maybe answering a few job specific questions, it is your turn to interview them. Keep in mind, you always have the leverage. They WANT you, and you have the option of going elsewhere because that's literally in your job title (i.e. TRAVEL RN). So, don't be afraid to ask the tough questions and be your own advocate.

Here's a short list of things to consider when interviewing.

  • An obvious one, know who you're interviewing with - write down their name & email.

  • What's the ratio look like and how many beds on the unit

  • What system do they use - Cerner, Epic, Meditech, etc.

  • Confirm your start date and what shift you're working - ask if you'll be required to float and what that policy is

  • What does orientation look like - how man days, is there training outside of standard pre-work modules

  • How often do nurses take call, are we required?

  • How does scheduling work, is it self or manager driven

  • If you have a specific day or days you need off, make sure to mention it during this time if you haven't told your recruiter already!

  • What color uniforms

  • Are extensions offered typically

If you feel like your answers have been met appropriately, go ahead and wrap up the interview. Mention that the unit feels like a good fit, you'd feel ecstatic to have the opportunity to work there, and that you'd accept if offered the job.

These are usually my go-to's when taking a call; hopefully they help you as well. Hit me up if you've got any other questions.

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